Experiencing New Orleans

By October 11, 2015Blog Post

Touring the city by foot and by trolley

We had a great time at the AIGA Design Conference in New Orleans. In between sessions that were inspirational and enlightening, we got a chance to enjoy the city.

We did a lot of walking, but we took the trolley whenever we could.


front view of a green trolley care

picture of the inside of a trolley car

picture of trolley car controls

picture of a red and yellow trolley car

Of course we ventured down the world famous Burbon Street. Plenty of good food and entertainment.

picture of a guy breakdancing on burbon street

Saint Charles Cathedral looked beautiful in the sunset.

picture of Saint Charles Cathedral

The French Market.

Riverboat cruise on the Mississippi.
The Riverwalk.
Audubon Aquarium.
The closing party for the conference took us to Mardis Gras World. A place you could buy decorations for the parade and floats. It was also a little creepy.

sun face sculpture at Mardis Gras World
The view of the Mississippi River from Mardis Gras World.

¬†We really enjoyed the AIGA conference and the city, although we didn’t get a chance to do everything we wanted. Oh well, that’s just an excuse to come back!

Next up. AIGA Las Vegas!


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